Iran had promoted the Yazd ISCC since 1994, when a  Joint  German-Iranian  Expert Group on Solar Thermal Power, sponsored by the  German  Federal  Ministry  of  Environment  and  the Iranian  Power  Development Company (IPDC), elaborated a concept study for a 100MW CSP plant.

In 1997,  IPDC  contracted  the  Electric  Power  Research Center (now named NIROO Research Institute) and  Fichtner Solar to execute a comprehensive feasibility study. Yazd was determined to be the preferred site for the Yazd ISCC plant with a DNI level of 2511kWh/m²/yr.

Iran had approached GEF with a request to finance part of the cost of the solar field. As GEF was not in the position to allocate any additional resources for this request, Iran, in 2005, changed the initial plant configuration with a solar component of 64 MWe to a configuration with a solar field equivalent to 17 MWe.

The Yazd ISCC Yazd came into operation in 2010.

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