Research and Job Opportunities in CSP

Postdoctoral Open Positions at SERC Chile 2018

SERC is calling one postdoctoral fellow position, with a focus in one of the following research lines:

1. Solar water treatment: research and development in the field of photo-reactors, implementation of natural and industrial solar water treatment systems, water desalination, new solar-range active materials, and characterization of solar radiation.

2. Energy systems: including the modeling of planning and operation of macro regions and the study of the impact of solar power on them.

3. Materials science and evaluation of the solar resources: research and development on territorial characterization, green chemistry, synthetization and optimization of domestic components and byproducts from mining and solar cells and modules.

4. Energy storage: identifying and developing cost-effective energy storage solutions at scenarios of high solar energy penetration, and which consider challenges and opportunities provided by local conditions (new models, simulation strategies, and prototype design of storage applications).

5. Power electronics and energy conversion: research and development of power converter topologies and control, including storage, to enable solutions for the 4 research focuses.

6. Sustainable development: research on economic, regulatory and social issues related to higher penetration rates of solar energy.

7. Control systems & industrial processes: including the modeling of mineral processing and solar energy systems; optimization of energy efficiency in mining operations.

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