Monday, 20 February 2017 12:09

Guideline on Yield Assessment of CSP Plants


Dear colleagues,


we would like to make you aware of a new SolarPACES guideline on yield assessment of concentrating solar thermal power plants which has been developed within a SolarPACES expert group during the last years. The guideline and additional material such as meteorological data sets for 4 different sites are available for download under The guideline supports the user to reach a high quality standard for technical yield analysis suitable for project finance. It addresses players involved in the project development process like project developers, consultants, lenders, owners, suppliers as well as people from R&D.


We would be happy to see many of you implementing this resource into your daily work and, by that, increase the quality level in yield analysis within the CSP community. The guideline project is going on and we are always welcoming experts to contribute to the next steps by working out new material, reviewing material, or providing feedback from application.


We will also inform about the next step which is preparing an introductory webinar for the guideline. Any updates of the guideline project will be announced on the SolarPACES website.