Brief background information to the 2020 SolarPACES questionnaire on differences in social networking experience in online versus face-to-face conferences

The questionnaire examines the differences in the networking behavior of the participants in online and offline conferences using the example of the Solar Paces Conference 2020. The questions in the questionnaire are largely based on the reduced social cues approach and the corresponding study by Sara Kiesler and Lee Sproll. The approach assumes that by reducing the perceived social cues (through computer-mediated communication), the communication partners are perceived incompletely. In addition, the quality of communication is examined in a comparison of online and offline communication based on the characteristics of Astrid Frommeyer’s model of ideal communication. Further questions in the questionnaire arose from our own considerations and in close consultation with the supervisor responsible for the master’s thesis. The ultimate goal is to work out the significant differences in the network between the participants of online and offline conferences with regard to the quantity and quality of the communication situations.


Kiesler, S./ Sproll Lee. Reducing Social Context Cues: Electronic Mail in Organizational Communication. In Management Science 32(11), pp. 1492-1512, January 1988.

Frommeyer, Astrid: Kommunikationsqualität in persönlichen Kundenbeziehungen: Konzeptualisierung und empirische Prüfung. Berlin Heidelberg New York: Springer-Verlag, 2012.

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