Thermal Energy Storage Working Group

General Coordination: Esther Rojas, CIEMAT, Spain


Promoting collaboration on Thermal Energy Storage (TES) to improve its reliability, integration on CSP plants and to develop a common language.

Activity lines:

Storage Materials


Current status:

Results of the launched round robin tests:

Characterization of specific equipment for commercial TES

Coordinator: M. Rodriguez, CIEMAT, Spain

Current status:

Problems and proposed tests under discussion.

Prototype testing

Coordinator: P. Garcia, CEA, France

Current status:

Existing related documents analyzed -> proposal to limit the scope of the activity to thermocline storage and latent heat storage. Key features under discussion.

Survey of R&D Activities on Thermal Storage Systems

Coordinator: R. Bayón, CIEMAT, Spain

Current status:

Survey of R&D activities on TES updated on September 2017.

Report: Survey on R&D Activities


  • 23-24th June 2015: Workshop at CIEMAT premises.

Last June, CIEMAT hosted the first workshop of the just born TES working group where the activity lines and corresponding responsible people were defined.

DSC 2513

Attendees to the Workshop on behalf of their corresponding centers and companies (SUPSI, DLR, Weizmann Institute, Tecnalia, CEA-LITEN, IMDEA Energía, University of Évora, CENER, ENEA, Abeinsa BD, Abengoa Research, SENER and CIEMAT).

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