Thermal Energy Storage Working Group

General Coordination: Esther Rojas, CIEMAT, Spain


Promoting collaboration on Thermal Energy Storage (TES) to improve its reliability, integration on CSP plants and to develop a common language.

Activity lines:

Storage Materials

Coordinator: J. Vidal, NREL, USA

Current status:

  •   Working with Chloride Salts
  •   3 Round Robin test performed:
      • Specific heat capacity of sensible materials (Solar salt with nanoparticles) 9 participants, including industry; Achieved agreement in accurately measuring cp with DSC, according to normalized methods ASTM E1269 and MDSCTM in the range of temperatures 200 and 400ºC (SolarPACES 2016).
      • Reaction enthalpy of thermochemical materials.
        • Cobalt oxide: 7 participants, including industry; there was no coherency and agreement in the results obtained by different partners (SolarPACES2016).
        • Perovskites: 7 participants; Some discrepancies in results (SolarPACES2018).

Characterization of specific equipment for commercial TES

Coordinator: M. Rodriguez, CIEMAT, Spain

Current status:

  •   Identification of critical equipment and related problems (open to new problems that could appear in commercial plants).
  •   On-going definition of tests.
  •   Aligned with task 6.4 of the European project SFERA-III

Prototype testing

Coordinator: P. Garcia, CEA, France

Current status:

  •   Identification of key figures.
  •   First draft of Definition of common procedures for testing thermal storage prototypes for STE plants (2016).
  •   Aligned with task 6.3 of the European project SFERA-III

Survey of R&D Activities on Thermal Storage Systems

Coordinator: R. Bayón, CIEMAT, Spain

Current status:

Survey of R&D activities on TES updated 9/2022.

Report: Survey on R&D Activities Status 2022



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