Solar Water Detoxification and Disinfection Systems

The objectives of this Subtask are:

To provide a comprehensive description of the state-of-the-art and potential applications of solar water detoxification and disinfection systems. This includes evaluating completed research programs and projects and ongoing developments in this field, as well as their economics;

To publicize the knowledge among main stakeholders: solar manufacturers, process engineers, related associated industry, installers and potential customers and users;

To promote collaborative initiatives for assessment of technical and economic feasibility of specific water detoxification and disinfection problems, also identifying potential follow-up demonstration case studies.


SOWARLA – Solar Water Treatment for the DLR Site Lampoldshausen
INNOWATECH – Innovative and Integrated Technolo-gies for the Treatment of Industrial Wastewater
TRAGUA– Treatment and Reuse of Waste Waters for Sustainable Management
SODISWATER – Solar Disinfection of Drinking Water for Use in Developing Countries or in Emergency Situations
DETOX-H2S – Development of a new system for the elimination of airborne toxic and corrosive compounds generated in sewage treatment plants
Decolorization of dye polluted water by photochemical processes