Research and Job Opportunities in CSP

Open Call for PhD position in the field of CSP and TES

By order dated October 9th 2020 of the Rector of the University of Évora, it was deliberated to open an international selection contest for the position of doctor for the exercise of scientific research activities in the scientific areas of Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Systems or Physics under a fixed term public service work contract regime with the duration of three years, pursuant to Decree-Law No. 57/2016, of 29 August and the Regulation for the Evaluation of the Performance of Doctoral Researchers at the University of Évora, published by Order No. 7123/2019 (2nd series), of August 9, for the purposes provided for in the first clause, in order to carry out the functions of researcher in the field of medium and high temperature application of Solar Concentration technologies and presenting the following requirements: – professional experience in Technology Transfer and applied research activities in Thermal Energy Storage (TES) systems for process heat (SHIP) and/or Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) applications; – experience in the modeling and simulation of thermal systems with TES for SHIP and/or CSP applications; – preferably with previous knowledge and experience in the use of TRNSYS, GREENIUS and/or SAMS simulation tools; – preferably with previous experience in the commissioning and operation of thermal systems using Molten Salts (MS) as heat transfer fluid (HTF) and/or heat storage media; – preferably with previous activity and contact with industrial partners and stakeholders; – preferably with previous experience in the preparation of project funding proposals and project management activities.

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