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Current Job Openings in CSP Research and on CSP Projects

September 2023

Manager, Solar Thermal Testing and Demonstration

We are seeking a highly motivated manager to lead the Solar Thermal Testing & Demonstration Department within the Renewable Energy Technologies Group (Org 8920).
The Group conducts fundamental and applied R&D to improve performance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of renewable energy (RE) systems and is part of Sandia’s Climate Security Center, a team dedicated to “accelerating innovations to save our planet.” The Solar Thermal Testing and Demonstration department will develop, demonstrate and validate technologies to support existing concentrating solar installations, operate and maintain the NSTTF, and provide testing for renewable energy, defense and space applications, thereby accelerating the transition to a carbon-free national energy portfolio. Team members work closely with colleagues across our energy programs, providing subject matter expertise in testing of systems and materials under thermal stress, operation of large-scale multicomponent systems, and demonstrating solar thermal technologies at scale. Efforts span a range of research topics, including molten salt components, heliostat metrology, conjugate effects testing (thermal and sheer stress), and engineering of pilot and demonstration scale solar thermal technologies. The manager of Solar Thermal Testing & Demonstration Department will also manage the National Solar Thermal Test Facility, which includes a 5 MW solar tower, a field of 218 Heliostats, a solar furnace, and a solar simulator.

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August 2023

Solar thermochemistry

Materials and component developer (f/m/x) – solar basic materials and fuels for scientific work and project work on the development of new ceramic #materials, their integration in components such as solar reactors and prototype plants.

At DLR, processes and plant technology are being developed to produce “solar fuels” such as hydrogen, synthesis gas or methanol by means of concentrated solar radiation in high-temperature processes, which also include recycling processes, metallurgical processes and solar gas-solid reactions. These processes include, for example, the reforming of hydrocarbons, thermochemical processes for splitting water, the recycling of aluminium scrap or the solar production of cement and clinker.

Work in a multinational team to find technical solutions for integrating these materials into prototypes and using them to carry out processes that generate solar hydrogen or ammonia, for example. You will conduct scientific studies and process analyses in the field of solar process engineering and fuel production.

Full details and Application

Opportunity at the PROMES Odeillo laboratory
Project ROAST Regolith Only And SunlighT

Concentrating Solar Pyrolysis of Lunar Regolith for Oxygen Extraction

Details of the PhD Proposal: The work will start by a state-of-the-art study for in-situ resources utilization on the moon. A thermodynamic study will also be performed to evaluate the influence of temperature and pressure on lunar regolith pyrolysis reaction. Then, preliminary tests will be carried out on an existing batch solar reactor at CNRS. The adaptation of an existing prototype at ESA will be studied in parallel for an experimental campaign at the CNRS solar facilities. Finally, process intensification and design for lunar operation is envisioned.
Full  Details and Application

US Department of Energy

At the Loan Program Office (LPO), we are looking to hire employees from all backgrounds across America for a variety of positions. LPO is looking for individuals with a range of skills and interest in business development, financial, technical, legal, risk, and environmental fields to help borrowers move through pre-application consultations and the application process, and through the due diligence and underwriting process. Examples of the skill sets needed include:

Physical Scientist (Series 1301)
Engineer (Series 0801)…

Full Details and Application at the US Department of Energy Loan Program Office (LPO) 

US Department of Energy

Concentrating Solar-Thermal Power Technology Manager

Telework eligible: Yes—as determined by the agency policy.
Deadline: 08/14/2023
The CSP Technology Manager position is open to general engineers or physical scientists. This position requires in-depth knowledge and experience in at least one of these technical areas:

Thermal Power Plants
High Temperature Chemical Production
Solar Collection and Concentration Systems
Thermal Energy Storage
Advanced Power Cycles
High Temperature Materials
Thermal Systems for Industrial Process Heat
General Concentrating Solar Power
Full Details 
Application  (Apply as a general engineer or physical scientist. Please email solar@ee.doe.gov to let us know you applied.)

Internship “Temperature-stable reflectors for solar tower power plants”

Internship opportunity for a student in chemistry, physics, electrical engineering, process engineering:

Fraunhofer Karriere · Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany (Hybrid)
For our group “Coating Technology and Systems” we are looking for a student for a voluntary internship or mandatory internship starting September 1st, 2023 or later.

Would you like to actively help shape the energy transition and gain practical experience during your studies? With us you will work towards the realization of this goal.

  • You take care of the production of highly reflective layer systems using the sputtering process.
  • You carry out optical measurement of the layer systems after production and after stressing the samples through corrosion tests.
  • You evaluate the results.
  • You prepare prototypes to be tested in Italy.

Solar thermal power plants, or Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) systems, generate solar power by using mirrors or lenses (primary concentrators or reflectors) to concentrate solar radiation onto a smaller area.

At Fraunhofer ISE we develop mirror layers for reflector applications, which consist of a sputtered silver layer and several adhesion and barrier layers. You are responsible for developing prototypes to be tested in Italy. This is done as part of research projects together with other institutes and partners from industry.

Full details and Application

EU Solaris ERIC Project manager 2023 12072023

Location is at Plataforma Solar de Almeria


Master degree or higher in a STEM discipline.
Experience in EC-funded projects management.
Proficiency in English language (Cambridge’s B2 or equivalent). Fluency in Spanish is desirable.
National of either an EU country or a country associated to the Horizon Europe Programme.


Good background on concentrated solar thermal technologies.
Participation in R&D projects of international scope

Full Details: EU Solaris ERIC Project manager 2023 12072023

Job Title:

Design, demonstration and evaluation of an innovative seawater desalination system, powered by thermal energy generated in a concentrated solar plant. The demonstration phase includes the detailed design, purchasing management, manufacturing, assembly, testing and validation of the system developed on a prototype scale (TRL 6-7 at the end of the project). Excellent English and ability to travel
3 years
Navarro, Spain
Full details at: CENER
To apply: Contact rrhh@cener.com

July 2023

Characterisation of particles for particle receivers of concentrating solar thermal energy as a doctoral thesis

Starting date
1 January 2024

The Institute for Solar Research is one of the leading research institutions in the field of concentrating solar technology. Within our Qualification Department, you will work on the design of sustainable energy supply in the future and specifically on the technical optimisation of solar thermal power plants. A promising concept for high-temperature power plants are solar towers with particle receivers, in which the concentrated solar light is absorbed and stored by ceramic particles.

ARC Grant-Funded Researcher (B) – School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Job no: 512281
Work type: Fixed term – Full-time
Campus: Adelaide
Categories: Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology

In this role you will contribute to establish opportunities and evaluate barriers and constrains in introducing hydrogen as a fuel into heavy industries, including iron/steel, alumina/aluminium, and cement/lime sectors. The tasks will include but are not limited to experimentation in hydrogen combustion under conditions relevant to different heavy industry processes, design and testing of basic and novel burners and furnaces at laboratory scale. You will also contribute to work aimed at advance fundamental understanding of hydrogen flames via optical diagnostic techniques.

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ARC Grant-Funded Researcher (B) – School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

Job no: 512302
Work type: Fixed term – Full-time
Campus: Adelaide
Categories: Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology

This is an opportunity to be part of the Heavy Industry Low-carbon Transition Cooperative Research Centre (HILT CRC) that brings together industries, researchers, and government organisations seeking new low-carbon technologies and methods that will overcome barriers, and help transition the steel, iron, alumina, and cement industries and allow them to thrive in a carbon-neutral world.

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DLR Institut für Future Fuels

Hiring: Scientific Project Management: Materials and components for thermochemical production of energy carriers and fuels

You would like to contribute to a sustainable future by advancing solar-based fuels production? You already have sound experience and expertise in the development of thermal reactors, the qualification of catalysts and concentrating solar technology? Then you are exactly right with us! (f/m/x)
The vision of the DLR Institute of Future Fuels is to develop technological solutions that enable the cost-effective production of fuels, hydrogen, or even chemical commodities in the sunbelt of the earth on an industrial scale.

Our research aims at increased turnover rates and higher energetic efficiency by application of high-performance catalysts, efficient heat transfer and robust system components.

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Postdoctoral Researcher – Develop Energy Storage Technology

NREL’s thermal energy systems group and concentrating solar power program is looking for multiple hires of postdoctoral researchers in the area of high-temperature thermal energy storage technologies, particularly using particles.

DLR Institut für Future Fuels

Position – Chemical or Materials Engineer or similar

At the DLR facility in Cologne-Porz-Wahn you will have access to state-of-the-art chemical and ceramic processing laboratories and a broad infrastructure with analytical and structural characterisation tools. The doctorate is awarded by RWTH Aachen University as part of the Chair of Solar Fuels in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, which was established jointly with DLR.
PhD position

Development and application-relevant testing of perovskite porous ceramic structures in the perspective of their use in thermochemical reactors/heat exchangers for solar energy storage and industrial waste heat recovery

Technical contact

Dr. Christos Agrafiotis
Institute of Future Fuels
Phone: +49 2203 601-4132
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April 2023

Work in China !
New job openings for international experts, as the Chinese market is growing fast !

Gaosheng CSP Technology Research Institute

Gaosheng CSP Technology Research Institute (the Research & Development Institute of Cosin Solar) opens the following positions to work with CSP tower technology:
1) Postdoctoral researcher
2) R&d Engineer
3) Senior R&D Engineer

For these three positions the work covers the area of special working medium (supercritical carbon dioxide, etc.) turbine, compressor, pump and other impeller machinery. Also, experts would work on the compact heat exchanger, high temperature heat transfer and storage medium, high temperature heat transfer and storage equipment and process.
We also are looking for:
4) Special project researcher to work on CSP and energy storage
5) Technical Management Engineer, covering the R&D project management

Gaosheng CSP Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. was established in September 2019. It is the first professional tower CSP technology research institute in China, focusing on the R&D of a new generation of CSP technology, with a professional team of researchers from the Chinese Academy of Science and other high-level experts in CSP technology.

Since its establishment, the institute has focused on the research of new generation of solar thermal power generation, such as new heat collection system, new heat exchange system, new energy storage material, new power generation system and core equipment, and has achieved various results.

As of March 31, 2022, the research institute has 76 patents, including 57 invention patents, 6 authorized (invention). The team is also takes a leading role in the development of the national standard for molten salt for solar thermal power generation, and participated in the development of 3 international standards and 4 national standards .

By actively integrating excellent domestic CSP R&D resources, GAOSHENG Research Institute accelerates the research and development of a new generation of CSP technology, and acts as link between the industry and university to incubate and cultivate new technologies.

If you would like to work with CSP technology and can move to China, please send an email with your CV to: gilmanova@cosinsolar.com