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SolarPACES Lifetime Achievement Award Template

Applicants for the SolarPACES Lifetime Achievement Award are now invited to submit their applications!


  • Acknowledged leadership in research or management in the field of CSP technology
  • Long term commitment in this field
  • Promotion of international cooperation

Application Process:

Proposals must include:

  1. CV of the nominee.

Proposals must be sent to the SolarPACES Executive Secretary via e-mail not later than June 30th, .

E-mail adress: secretariat@solarpaces.org

The Winner is awarded with:

  1. Award Certificate.
  2. Invitation to the 2015 SolarPACES conference for the award winner, all cost covered.
  3. Presentations of the Awards during the SolarPACES Conference.
  4. Announcement on the SolarPACES Website and Annual Report.