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Publications and Reports

Reports on Renewable Energy, CSP Technology and Strategy

NREL: Failure Analysis for Molten Salt Thermal Energy Storage Tanks for In-Service CSP Plants
CSTA: Blue Book of China’s Concentrating Solar Power Industry 2023  (PDF)
India: Energy and Resources Institute: Concentrating Solar Power Plants with Storage: Deployment Essential Now  (PDF)
Dii: MENA 2024 Dii – Bulk Transport Options for Green Molecules (PDF)
IEA: IEA Renewables_2023 (PDF)
DLR: Solar thermal power plants: Heat, electricity and fuels from concentrated solar power  (PDF)
IEA: IEA World Energy Outlook 2023 (PDF)
CSIRO: Renewable Energy Storage Roadmap 2023(PDF)
ARENA: Comparison of Dispatchable Renewable Energy Options – Technologies for an Orderly Transition (PDF)
IRENA: Renewable Power Generation Costs in 2017 (PDF)
IEA Report – Insights 2017 Series – Renewable Energy for Industry
SolarPACES Annual Technical Reports
IRENA – Renewable Energy Auctions Summary 2016 (PDF online at IRENA)
Solar Thermal Electricity Global Otlook 2016 (Full: 8 MB PDF)
Executive Summary Global Outlook STE 2016 (3 MB PDF) (Joint report by SolarPACES, ESTELA and Greenpeace)
IRENA – Renewable Power Costs 2014 (18 MB PDF)
KIC InnoEnergy – Future Renewable Energy Costs: Solar Thermal Electricity (4 MB PDF)
IEA Technology Roadmap – Solar Thermal Electricity 2014 (3.79 MB PDF)
Macroeconomic impact of the Solar Thermal Electricity Industry in Spain (5.50 MB PDF)
Concentrated Solar Power in India  (7.30 MB PDF)
IEA Technology Roadmap – Concentrating Solar Power 2010 (1.61 MB PDF)  Resume (Foldout with Key Graphs) (0.7 MB PDF)
Solar Fuels from Concentrated Sunlight (9 MB PDF)

Global Concentrating Solar Power Outlook 2009 – Why Renewable Energy is Hot 

Concentrating Solar Power – From Research to Implementation (European Commission)