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Silicone-Based Heat Transfer Fluids Guidelines

A group of experts in the field of silicone-based heat transfer fluids (SiHTF) has been working together as members of Task III to create this guideline document. It covers general information for selecting standard and non-standard test methods for evaluating silicone-based heat transfer fluids in line focusing concentrating solar power applications.

An international work group will start working to promote the SiHTF guideline to be transformed into international IEC standards through the national organizations like UNE, IEC, DKE, ASME, ASTM, etc.

The guideline is open to amendments and updating as the state of the art of measurement instruments and procedures advance. Please send comments, amendments, suggestions to christoph.hilgert@dlr.de (Mr. Christoph Hilgert, DLR).

Click here to download the Silicone-Based Heat Transfer Fluids Guidelines v1.0