Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (DLR) (D),
Ben Gurion Univ. of the Negev (BGU) (IL),
National Energy Research Center (NERC) (JOR),
Univ. Bremen (UB) (D)

Ralf Olwig, DLR,

German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety: 429k€

May 1, 2007 – April 31, 2010

Within the CSPD-COMISJO study principal solar desalination systems combining concentrating solar power technology, thermal desalination technology as well as reverse osmosis desalination technology are under investigation. Concentrating solar power driven reverse osmosis/thermal desalination systems will be compared with PV-powered reverse osmosis systems as well as with non-concentrating solar collector driven thermal desalination systems. Besides the technology analysis three possible sites for future pilot plants in Israel and Jordan are investigated concerning weather, irradiation and water conditions using precise ground measurements and long-term satellite data.

(i) Evaluation of different solar technologies for small to midsized desalination plants (< 50 000 m³/d) for sustainable fresh water production. (ii) Technological and economical comparison of three different solar technologies for desalination purposes under site specific conditions in Israel and Jordan. (iii) Screening of potential combinations of solar energy conversion technologies. (iv)Study to find a feasible, durable, cost-effective and sustainable solar driven desalination technology. (v) Pre-study towards a future demonstration plant.

Principal solar desalination systems under investigation with emphasis on CSP+D.