CNR – Istituto di Ricerca Sulle Acque (I), Aachen Univ. Technol. (D), Tech. Univ. Delft (NL), Swedish Env. Res. Inst. Ltd (S), Cranfield Univ. (UK), Swiss Fed. Inst. Tech. (CH), CIEMAT-PSA (ES), Norw. Inst. Wat. Res. (N), SolSep BV (NL), Bayer MaterialScience AG (D), ITT Wedeco (D), Austep S.r.l. (It), Albaida S.A. (ES), AnoxKaldnes (S), Water Innovate Ltd (UK), DHV (NL), Adv. Wastewater Manag. Centre (Aus).

Antonio López, CNR-IRSA,; Sixto Malato, CIEMAT-PSA,

EC funded project, cost shared (FP6, sub-priority 6.6.3 Global Change & Ecosystems): 2,750 k€

November 1, 2006 – October 31, 2009

New concepts and processes in industrial wastewater treatment with great potential benefits for the stable quality of effluents, for energy and operational costs saving and for the protection of the environment, as it is the goal of the EU Environmental Technologies Action Plan.

Development of aerobic granulation bioreactors; coupling of Advanced Biotreatment and Advanced Oxidation Processes; new membrane processes; Life Cycle Assessments and Life Cycle Costs. CIEMAT is focused on further development of solar photo-Fenton treatment for coupling with aerobic biological treatment.

General view of the IBR plant installed at Albaida (Almeria, Spain).