Applicants for the SolarPACES 2015 Technology Innovation Award are now invited to submit their applications!


Technological Innovations relevant to a more rapid deployment of CSP technology through:

  • performance/cost ratio increase
  • improved manufacturing technology
  • better component lifetime
  • improved environmental profile

The innovation should be realized at least in technical prototype and its characteristics should have been published according to scientific standards. Such a publication should be part of the application. Applicants may be persons or groups of persons.

Application Process:

Proposals must include:

  1. 1-page description of the innovative idea and its impact, and the role of the applicant(s)
  2. A scientific publication on details of the innovation
  3. CVs of the applicants

Proposals must be sent to the SolarPACES Executive Secretary via e-mail not later than July 31st, 2015.

E-mail adress:

The Winner is awarded with:

  • Award Certificate
  • Invitation to the next SolarPACES conference ( for one representative, all cost covered)
  • Presentations of the Awards during the SolarPACES Conference 
  • Announcement on the SolarPACES Website and Annual Report
  • Invitation to give a plenary lecture at the SolarPACES conference on a subject of the Award recipient’s choice