Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. (DLR), Hirschmann Laborgeräte GmbH, KACO Gerätetechnik GmbH (D)

Christian Jung, DLR,

Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU): 779 k€

April 1, 2005 – January 31, 2010

The DLR’s rocket engine test facilities at Lampoldshausen produce waste waters contaminated mainly with hydrazine. At present the waste waters are treated very uneffectively. A solar water treatment plant will be installed to enhance the actual treatment capacities in Lampoldshausen and to demonstrate solar photocatalytic waste water treatment technology. Two German companies, Kaco Gerätetechnik GmbH and Hirschmann Laborgeräte GmbH, along with the DLR have formed a consortium to develop a new market-ready solar reactor, called the non concentrating tubular reactor. The potential of the new reactor design was shown in comparative tests with state of the art solar receivers. Reactor designs were tested in small scale (1 m²) and pilot plant scale (7 m² and 32 m²) in the first two phases of the project. In the third phase of the SOWARLA project, started in late 2008, a demonstration plant will be built at the DLR site Lampoldshausen. 250 m² of NCTR receiver area will be installed to treat the local waste water. The start of operation of the demonstration plant is supposed to be in the summer 2009.

(i) Installation of a demonstration plant with 250 m² receiver area at DLR site Lampoldshausen. (ii) Automation of the plant. (iii) Commissioning of the demonstration plant.

SOWARLA Prototype reactor, Lampoldshausen Germany.