100 MW CSP Tower operating in 700 MW DEWA project in Dubai

View of power block at the base of the Tower portion of the 950 MW DEWA project IMAGE@ACWA Power

ACWA Power has announced the commercial operation of the world’s tallest solar power tower at its Noor Energy 1 project in Dubai. The 100 MW central tower is part of the 950 MW solar Independent Power Project (IPP) that comprises 700 MW of CSP (600 MW of Trough and 100 MW of Tower) as well as 250 MW of PV at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Solar Park.

View across the 600 MW Trough portion of the CSP project    IMAGE@ACWA Power

The 950 MW solar project was commissioned by Dubai Electricity and Water Authority as part of Dubai’s commitment to producing clean energy, generating 75% of its electricity from clean energy sources by 2050.

The commercial operation of the central tower brings the total capacity under operation to 517 MW.


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