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ATA Insights Webinar | CSP from Dusk to Dawn: Blueprint for 200 MW Tower

October 26, 2020

Wednesday October 28th at 12:00 CET

CSP is a key player in the renewable energy market, overcoming some of the issues PV plants leave in the dispatch of solar energy. Tower projects with molten salt storage have taken key attention of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) projects, helping to provide dispatchability and flexibility to grid operators.<

CSP plants are complex systems that need proper engineering, that’s why the project “CSP Reference Plant” has developed a blueprint to save time and money through an optimized and standardized plant layout which fits with few adjustments to many locations and different requirements.

We invite you to join  ATA Insights upcoming webinar “CSP from dusk till dawn: Blueprint for 200 MW tower plant fills the PV gap” (October 28th at 12:00 CET) where experts will explore he typical requirements for future CSP plants to complement PV at achieving lowest LCOE around the clock:

  • Explore how to use the blueprint for your tender to integrate CSP to your energy strategy to benefit from innovative technologies, project structuring and complementing PV. 
  • Examine how to overcome main challenges when designing and selecting the components for CSP tower with molten salt storage.
  • Hear directly from the source how CSP can fill the gap of other renewables like PV with enhancing grid flexibility and reliability, enabling the supply of clean power 24/7. 
  • Find out about the bankability of these projects in the short to medium term and how ultimately they can help add more renewables in the grid.  .

Sign up here: https://bit.ly/3jVpUTp

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