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China announces the first group of CSP demonstration projects

September 01, 2016

September 13th, National Energy Administration issued a notice on the construction of concentrating solar power generation demonstration projects, up to 20 projects were included in this first demonstration project list and the status showed that the capacity was around 1.35GW .

There are 9 tower projects, 7 parabolic trough projects and four Fresnel project, no dish projects was selected. Among these demonstrations projects, ten of them come from members of the China national solar thermal energy alliance.

According to the notice, based on Notice of the National Energy Administration on the organization of construction of the concentrating solar power demonstration projects([2015]355), 
Development and Reform Commission (Department of energy) of Qinghai Province, Gansu Province, Hebei Province, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Xinjiang autonomous region, Energy Regulatory Authority of north and northwest China, Energy Regulatory Office of Gansu and Xinjiang, State Grid Corporation of China(SGCC),China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute(CREEI), Electric Power Planning & Engineering Institute (EPPEI) and China National Renewable Energy Centre(CNREC) organized a group of experts to review in order to determine the final list.

Pricing policy of concentrating solar power generation has just been settled, only by being put into operation before 2019 can the demonstration projects enjoy the 1.15 yuan/kWh solar thermal power benchmark price.

Leaving only more than 2 years, it can be predicted that the selected CSP demonstration projects will start developing and constructing soon to accomplish planned agenda on time.

Information kindly provided by China National Solar Thermal Alliance


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