China released Feed-in Tariff for CSP Demonstration Projects

On September 1, 2016China National Development and Reform Commission issued the notice of feed-in tariff policy for CSP plant. According to the document, the feed-in tariff for the solar thermal power demonstration projects is 1.15/kWh.

The notice pointed out that the above price is only applicable to the first batch of demonstration projects organized and implemented by National Energy Administration in 2016. The notice also states that local government shall take multiple measures such as tax deduction, subsidies, green credit, and the land preferential measures for CSP enterprises to promote the development of the industry.

National Development and Reform Commission said the unified CSP benchmarking feed-in tariff policy aims to encourage and support those CSP plants that meet a certain capacity, hoping the enterprises to choose the advanced technologies, to develop high quality solar resources and finally decrease the cost of electricity in the whole society as much as possible.

The feed-in tariff policy is one means to explore the economy of the solar thermal power industry and to promote the healthy development of this kind of friendly renewable energy; meanwhile, it also helps prevent it from blind expansion by heavily relying on the high subsidies, so as to reduce the cost of electricity consumption in the whole society as much as possible and improve the subsidy effect.

China National Development and Reform Commission pointed out that after the year 2019, this feed-in tariff policy will be timely adjusted, based on the solar thermal power industry development status, cost reduction situation, to further lower the price of new CSP plants. (Translated by Cheng Wenyan) 

Information kindly provided by China National Solar Thermal Alliance

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