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China’s CSP at Hami Expected to be 250 MW by 2025

March 28, 2022

Stellio heliostats at the 50 MW Hami demonstration project in China’s Xinjiang Province

New energy installed capacity, accounting for 70.2% of total installed capacity, will comprise 34 GW, with wind power comprising 27 GW, photovoltaic 6.5 GW, and CSP 250 MW.

Source: China National Solar Thermal Alliance

According to the news from the Hami Financial Media Center on March 12, with the implementation of the “Xinjiang Electric Power Delivery” strategy, the transformation of resource advantages in Hami City, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region has been further accelerated, the power layout has been basically completed, and the 10 million kilowatt-level wind power base has been fully completed. At the same time, relying on the energy Internet with ultra-high voltage and ultra-high voltage as the backbone grid, it promotes clean and low-carbon transformation of energy, promotes the coordinated development of the economy and the power grid, and serves carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.

Currently, as the country’s first batch of solar thermal power generation demonstration projects and Xinjiang’s first solar thermal power generation project, the CLP Hami 50 MW molten salt tower solar thermal power generation project has been using the newly commissioned and self-developed “concentrating solar thermal power generation project” Thermal Smart Systems” and is ramping up production.

Using this new system, the CLP Hami Tower 50 MW CSP project started construction in October 2017, and was successfully connected to the grid on June 18, 2021, achieving 24-hour uninterrupted power generation. On September 16, 2021, full-capacity power generation was achieved again, and the accumulated power generation has reached 10 million kWh in the past six months, realizing the stable operation of full-capacity power generation.

“Comprehensive acceptance by the National Energy Administration was completed in October 2021, and as of today, a total of 13 million kWh has been generated,” said Zhang Yong, deputy general manager of Energy China, China Power Hami Solar Thermal Power Co., Ltd.

In CLP Hami Solar Thermal Power Co., Ltd., 14,500 heliostats are distributed in a ring around the central heat collecting tower with a height of more than 200 meters, reflecting sunlight to the heat absorber at the top of the tower, and the low-temperature molten salt in the heat absorber is heated and changed. The high-temperature molten salt exchanges heat with water through a heat exchanger to generate high-temperature and high-pressure steam, which is then driven by the steam turbine to generate electricity.

The advantage of molten salt tower CSP technology is that it can generate electricity stably around the clock, which is a typical energy storage power generation project. The system provides 13 hours of continuous full-load power generation energy for the generator set, so that the power station can realize the complete decoupling operation of the concentrating heat collection system and the power generation system, and has excellent power system peak shifting adjustment ability, in order to achieve the carbon peak carbon neutrality goal Actively explored.

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