CSP Projects Around the World

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You can browse CSP project profiles under the following categories:

  • Country—listing by one of 23 countries

  • Project name—alphabetical listing by full project name

  • Technology—listing by parabolic trough, linear Fresnel reflector, power tower, or dish/engine systems

  • Status—listing by whether projects are operational, under construction, or under development.


Working with member countries, SolarPACES—Solar Power and Chemical Energy Systems—has compiled data on concentrating solar power (CSP) projects around the world that have plants that are either operational or under construction. CSP technologies include parabolic trough, power tower and linear Fresnel reflector.

For individual concentrating solar power projects, you will find profiles that include background information, a listing of participants in the project, and data on the power plant configuration.

These pages should help utilities, financiers, manufacturers, and anyone interested in renewable-energy options to find information on the growing number of concentrating solar power projects around the world.

You can also download the comma-delimited data on all projects from this page at NREL.

View by operational status – Blue; Operating, Green; under construction, Yellow; under development
(NB; slide sideways to view new projects in China and Australia)

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