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Join: EuroPaTMoS webinar on molten salt with parabolic trough – Nov 8

November 02, 2023

Join the EuroPaTMoS (European Parabolic Trough with Molten Salt) European Research Project Webinar: Advancements in Molten Salt for Concentrated Solar Power Systems:

We are excited to invite you to an enlightening webinar presenting the outcomes of the EuroPaTMoS European research project. In collaboration with nine esteemed partners from four different countries: German Aerospace Center (DE), CSP Services (DE) together with Spanish subsidiary CSP Services Espanya (ES), Ductolux (ES), ENEA (IT), Rioglass Solar (ES), TSK Flagsol (DE), University of Madrid (ES), University of Extremadura (ES), and University of Évora (PT), we have been addressing critical challenges in utilizing molten salt as a heat transfer medium in concentrated solar power systems.

Webinar Details:

– Date: November 8, 2023
 10:00 AM to 12:45 PM (CET)
2 hours 45 minutes
Location: Online (Webinar link will be provided upon registration)
Registration: Free of charge- Send empty mail to: europatmos@dlr.de
Important: Fill in subject field: EuroPaTMoS webinar registration

Discover the Cutting-Edge Research:

– Corrosion and Coating Studies: Uncover strategies to combat corrosion and enhance coating techniques.– Online Corrosion Measurements: Learn about real-time corrosion monitoring methods.– Systematic Risk Analysis: Explore FMEA and RAM methodologies to mitigate risks systematically.– Operational Experience in large-scale demonstrator: Gain insights on critical components and processes when using MS.– Advanced Quality Control Methods: Delve into innovative quality control techniques.– New Receiver Development: Get insights into the development of new receivers for concentrated solar power systems.-Control Strategies for Power Plants: Understand effective control strategies for optimizing power plant operations.

Engage and Learn:

– Interact with leading experts from all involved partners during our Q&A sessions.- Participate in discussions about the project’s impact and future opportunities for collaboration.

Go into focus:

RSVP by 01.11.2023 to reserve your spot at this knowledge-packed webinar. Registration is quick, easy, and completely free. Please find information on our web page.
Join us on November 8th to delve into the forefront of research and innovation, uncovering advancements that will shape the future of concentrated solar power systems.

Best regards,
Michael Wittmann,
EuroPaTMoS Coordination
Contact: +49 711 6862 730 or europatmos@dlr.de


– German Aerospace Center (DLR) ) is Germany’s primary research center for CSP technology, covering aspects from component testing to the erection and operation of large-scale test facilities. Together with UEvora and TSK Flagsol, DLR erects the Evora Molten Salt Platform.

– CSP Services GmbH is a specialized engineering company, founded as spin-off company of DLR. Expert consulting, due diligence, and feasibility studies are based on the long experience and technological knowhow in international R&D and many commercial projects. CSPS assist their clients to decrease risks, increase project performance, and gain competitiveness.

– DUCTOLUX SL, an Extremaduran project engineering company founded in 2008, focused in industrial engineering. Sensorization, monitorization and analytical capacity oriented to different sectors. Specialized in power infrastructures. At present, it is directed to the thematic of sensorization research based on the developing technology of digital twins.

– ENEA is the Italian key research center for CSP, having developed an innovative technology based on parabolic troughs using molten salt mixtures as heat transfer and thermal storage medium, and built and operated some of the most relevant experimental facilities worldwide for the full-scale testing of CSP linear systems.

– Rioglass Solar has acquired the Schott Solar receiver tubes factory in Spain including its complete know-how of more than 10 years, IP and its technical team. Rioglass has a recognized leadership in HCE manufacturing and its receivers tube are operating in all the most important CSP plants all over the world.

– TSK Flagsol (est. 2013) represents entities that will build commercial molten-salt troughs. The roots go back into the 1980s. The Technology Department is headed by Dr. Mark Schmitz who is working for 20 years in CSP-specific-R&D. TSK Flagsol is part of the Spanish TSK group, one of the leading EPC contractors for turnkey construction of parabolic trough power plants.

– Universidad Complutense de Madrid has over 20 years of leading experience in the fields of molten salts as storage medium, oxidation, high-temperature corrosion, hot corrosion, and protective coatings.

– University of Évora, through its Renewable Energies Chair established in 2010 and led by Dr. Pedro Horta (PI), leads the Portuguese National Research Infrastructure in Solar Energy Concentration (INIESC). Part of this is the Évora Molten Salt Platform (EMSP) owned by UEVORA and exploited in cooperation with DLR. Besides participation with specialized EMSP manpower and facilities for the testing of critical components and plant operation, UEVORA role will focus on the development of the virtual solar field-based control process.

– University of Extremadura has experience in materials engineering and associated risk analysis. The contributions of UEX will be mainly in WP1, WP3 and WP4, focused on the study of corrosion and degradation of materials, the development of mitigation measures in non-standard situations of operation, and analysis of failure modes, effects and criticality. Antonio Diaz Parralejo will coordinate UEX’s activities, who has a large experience in R&D&I projects as coordinator and researcher.

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