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Libya is Latest MENA nation to Plan CSP

March 21, 2018

From CSPToday:

Libya’s Misurata Free Zone (MFZ) has signed a memorandum of understanding with consultancy iQ Power to develop integrated CSP and PV projects with up to 300 MW total capacity.

MFZ, the first free trade zone established on Libyan territory, has shown its desire to develop a solar energy industry, according to a iQ Power. As its partner, iQ Power, an American company established with the sole purpose of developing renewable energy in the Middle East & North Africa, is studying how CSP, PV, or hybrid can best be utilized and optimized given the need for reliable and continuous power.

The consortium behind the MFZ has developed a master plan to build on a turn-key basis integrated PV and CSP solar power energy projects up to 300 MW, and to bring a minimum of $500 million in foreign direct investments to the Libyan economy. It has also expressed its interest in constructing a seawater desalination plant utilizing in part or in whole solar energy as its source of energy to meet the growing needs of the city of Misurata.

“Sustainable energy development is a step towards stability, reconciliation and reconstruction for Libya and all Libyans,” said Sherif Elhelwa, chairman of iQ Power. He pledged a non-partisan, transparent and open process to welcome participation in the process by all Libyans, and to work with the local and national agencies and authorities to maximize efficiencies and shared wealth.

The project will bring together top US and European engineering, procurement and construction companies, as well as technology and service providers, all of whom have an impressive combined track record in the field of solar energy, according to iQ.

iQ is in discussions with France’s top scientists and companies, along with US National Renewable Energy Laboratories, to bring the smartest and latest engineering designs in the solar energy industry to make Misurata Free Zone a state-of-the-art example for solar energy in North Africa.

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