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Minisymposium in Modelling and Simulation in CSP Plants

April 01, 2016

CfP in Minisymposium in Modelling and Simulation in Solar Thermal Power Plants in EUROSIM2016 Conference. 

One of the most important international conferences on Modelling and Simulation (M&S), the EUROSIM conference, will be held this year in Finland from 12 to 16 of September (EUROSIM2016). Theoretical and practical novelties in different areas of interest (methodologies, functionalities and application domains) are usually presented in EUROSIM. Within EUROSIM2016 a minisymposium is being organized (S5: Modelling and simulation in solar thermal power plants) to promote the application of currently available techniques for M&S to concentrating solar thermal (CST) plants. All interested people are encouraged to participate in this minisymposium by registering, submitting their contributions and exchanging ideas and experiences inside CST community.

Into the Energy domain (05-Energy), CST plants have manifested during the last decade several necessities simultaneously to the process of creation of a new industry in the solar thermal sector. This incipient industry have not had the opportunity to obtain the profits from a systematic application of currently available M&S techniques. Because we are aware of this reality, mainly motivated by the fact that CST industry is still at an early stage of development in comparison to other older industries that some time ago applied with success these techniques, this minisymposium is organized to present and discuss applications of M&S to the CST sector aimed at augmenting its efficiency.

An important part of the methodologies (M1 to M11) and functionalities (F1 to F11) of EUROSIM2016 can be successfully applied in each phase of the lifecycle of a CST commercial plant: design, planning, logistics, construction, operation, hybridisation with other energy sources, maintenance, energy trading, etc.

All interested people, research community and CST industrial sector, are kindly encouraged to submit their contributions to this minisymposium, which has among its objectives to present both types of manuscripts: works in progress and practical results with potential interest for the CST community. In general, any submitted manuscript applying M&S techniques and oriented to contribute in a positive way to any solar thermal technology (parabolic-trough, central receiver, solar furnace, desalination,…) will be received with high expectation from the chairs. In this sense, we would like to remark that, when an author presents a mathematical model with a possible application to this sector, it can generate an unexpected interest in the audience, which can rise a very interesting and fruitful discussions after the presentation.

Contributions in form of draft full paper (6 pages A4 format) are due to be submitted by May 20, 2016. The deadline of contributions in form of draft short papers (2 pages A4 format) is May 30, 2016. Contributions must be submitted using the EDAS paper submission system by selecting “Track S5: Modelling and simulation in solar thermal power plants”. Further information can be found in the web EUROSIM2016, or contacting the minisymposium’s organizers. 

For more information:
Organizers: Luis J. Yebra y Eduardo Zarza
Contact: luis.yebra@psa.es
CIEMAT. Plataforma Solar de Almería.
Crta de Senés s/n. 04200 Tabernas. Almería. Spain.

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