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NREL’s System Advisor Model Survey Update

December 16, 2016

NREL is asking for your help with the stewardship of the System Advisor Model, or SAM (https://sam.nrel.gov/). SAM’s CSP modules include parabolic trough, linear Fresnel, steam and molten-salt power towers, and dish/Stirling technologies.

SAM updates are released roughly once per year and in addition to code enhancements, the SAM team endeavors to keep the default capital and operating costs updated to reflect representative market costs. Your assistance is requested to complete a short survey regarding the CSP default cost values in SAM.

Links below are provided for three related surveys that ask questions about the default cost parameters that are used in SAM. We seek your feedback on these values as a means of checking SAM’s inputs with the knowledge of the CSP industry and CSP stakeholders.

  • SAM Cost Category Survey: Power Tower


  • SAM Cost Category Survey: Parabolic Troughs


  • SAM Cost Category Survey: Linear Fresnel


Please complete the survey(s) for which you have knowledge. Feel free to forward this request to others within your company if you feel that is appropriate. For data veracity we request contact and company name; however, all responses are kept confidential. You may leave sections blank if you do not feel you have reliable information on those technologies. 

Thank you for your time and consideration in this manner. It is much appreciated. We ask that you complete the survey by 19th of December 2016 if possible. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or issues.



Craig Turchi, PhD (Craig.Turchi@nrel.gov)

Parthiv Kurup (Parthiv.Kurup@nrel.gov)

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