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October 2018: SolarPACES ExCo Selects a New Logo

October 17, 2018

At the 95th Meeting of the SolarPACES Executive Committee, which was held in Casablanca in October, the committee decided on a new logo to represent what solar thermal energy has to offer in today’s world.

SolarPACES logo 2018

SolarPACES new logo has been designed to differentiate the thermal (heat) aspect of solar thermal energy from solar Photovoltaic (PV). The round shape suggests not just a sun (a common motif in solar logos) but also the round shape of the cylindrical storage tanks that enable solar thermal energy to be stored for dispatch at any time needed, even after dark. When shown on blue backgrounds, the deepening colors suggest the darkening evening sky, representing the dispatchability of solar after dark with thermal energy storage. The color of the icon going from lighter orange to darker and redder suggests the increasing heat as the solar thermal process is underway, and the waving lines suggest energy pushing out.

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