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Power China Awards EPC Bid to SUPCON for 50 MW Tower CSP

November 24, 2017

SUPCON inaugurated the 10 MW molten salt tower CSP plant in August 2016. The 50 MW Qinghai Gonghe CSP plant will be its secondIn August 2016, SUPCON inaugurated China’s first molten salt tower CSP plant at 10 MW. The 50 MW Qinghai Gonghe CSP plant will be its second

Power China’s Qinghai Gonghe 50MW Tower CSP Project, one of China 1st batch 20 pilot CSP projects, is owned and developed by Power Construction Corporation of China (shorted as Power China).

Northwest Engineering Corporation Limited, subsidiary of Power China announced earlier this week that SUPCON Solar was awarded the contract solar field EPC for the Gonghe 50MW tower CSP plant. SUPCON will be responsible for equipment purchase and construction of the solar system.

The bid was open on Oct. 30 and 6 companies participated in the bidding (List as below). Finally, SUPCON Solar won the contract with the lowest bidding price around RMB 500 million.

The bidding announcement was published at the end of September, and covered two parts: solar collecting system, solar field and molten salt receiver. In addition, the bidding winner should also provide all accessory equipment and materials, installation, operation & maintenance services.

The announcement also showed that the bid winner should undertake all stated systems as well as related equipment, materials, design, manufacturing, transportation, storage, installation, commissioning, trial running and final turn-key. Besides, product literature submittal and O&M training were also required.

The success of SUPCON Solar Delingha 10MW CSP project and the under-construction 50MW molten salt tower CSP project will provide valuable guidance for Qinghai Gonghe 50 MW CSP plant.

As required, the progress is expected to be:
• By March 1st, 2018, heliostat manufacturing workshop will be put into operation;
• By June 1st, 2018, heliostat installation starts;
• By Dec. 30, 2018, solar field and receiver installation and commissioning finished.

In the upcoming CSP Focus China 2018 during March 22-23 in Beijing, SUPCON is expected to share the updated progress on its SUPCON Delingha 50MW molten salt tower CSP project and other involvement in China and global CSP industry.

Located in Nanzhou Solar Power Park, Qinghai Province, Power China Qinghai Gonghe 50MW Tower CSP Project is designed to have 6 hours molten salt thermal energy storage system. The project construction started on June 18 this year. By now, it opened biddings including molten salt, solar collecting, receiver tower and thermal energy storage system construction, dormitory civil work, steam turbine and steam generator.

Harbin Turbine Company Limited won the bid of steam turbine; Shanghai Boiler Company is the steam generator bidding winner. Qinghai Lianda Chemical Co., Ltd will provide molten salt.

Source: http://helioscsp.com/supcon-won-the-bid-of-solar-field-epc-for-china-gonghe-50mw-concentrated-solar-power-plant/

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