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Published at Applied Energy – A review of solar thermochemical cycles for fuel production

February 22, 2024

Solar-driven CO2/H2O splitting via a two-step solar thermochemical cycle is a promising approach for fuel production and carbon neutrality to address the intermittent instability and low energy density of solar energy while taking advantage of its clean and nonpolluting nature. However, current experimental efficiencies are still below theoretical levels due to various limitations such as material properties and energy loss occurring in the reactor. The reactor, as an important component for commercialization, still faces various challenges including high reaction temperature, limited reactor material longevity, high temperature sealing of moving parts, and slow adsorption and desorption rate of porous structure lining. This paper reviews researches on solar thermochemical oxygen carriers and related reactors, with particular focus on analyzing reactor design criteria, modeling methods, energy efficiency and energy loss analysis. In addition, obtaining low partial pressure oxygen for reduction reactions, heat recovery methods, and synergies between the reactor and solar concentrating system play a significant role in further improving energy efficiency. This work demonstrates the feasibility of two-step solar thermochemical cycles in renewable energy technologies and provides guidance for future innovations in this field.

Guo, Y., Chen, J., Song, H., Zheng, K., Wang, J., Wang, H., & Kong, H. (2024). A review of solar thermochemical cycles for fuel production. Applied Energy, 357, 122499. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.apenergy.2023.122499

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