Published at Energies – Hybrid System of Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal Technologies for Industrial Process Heat

Process heating is the activity with the most energy consumption in the industrial sector. Solar heating (SH) systems are a promising alternative to provide renewable thermal energy to industrial processes. However, factors such as high investment costs and area limitations in industrial facilities hinder their utilization; therefore, hybrid systems that combine two different solar thermal or photovoltaic technologies where each technology operates under conditions that allow a higher overall performance than conventional configurations have been proposed. In this review, we discuss the limitations of conventional SH systems and the potential of hybrid configurations to overcome them. First, the current literature about conventional and hybrid systems is presented. Then, the application of common performance indicators to evaluate hybrid configurations is analyzed. Finally, the limitation, advantages, and potential applications of conventional and hybrid systems are discussed. This work shows that conventional systems are the most promising alternatives in low and high-temperature industrial applications. At the same time, in medium and processes, hybrid configurations have great potential to increase the performance of SH systems and help to boost their adoption in the industrial sector. There are few studies about hybrid systems in industrial applications, and further research is required to determine their potential.

Rosales-Pérez JF, Villarruel-Jaramillo A, Romero-Ramos JA, Pérez-García M, Cardemil JM, Escobar R. Hybrid System of Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal Technologies for Industrial Process Heat. Energies. 2023; 16(5):2220.

Published at Energies (full text at MDPI)

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