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Spain Finally Names CSP Auction Date: October

July 25, 2022

(Montel) Spain plans to auction 520 MW of renewable energy capacity on 25 October amid its ongoing effort to curb carbon emissions.

The auction will award 140 MW for photovoltaic projects below 5 MW, 220 MW for solar thermal, 140 MW for biomass and 20 MW for other technologies including biogas, bioliquids, hydropower or tidal capacity, the energy ministry said on Thursday.

Spain aims auction at least 20 GW of renewable capacity by 2025.

Under the auction rules, solar thermal, biomass, biogas and bioliquid projects awarded will enter a 20-year payment scheme with a 15% market exposure, while photovoltaic solar and other renewables will be under a 12-year feed-in tariff scheme with a 5% market exposure.

Companies will have two years to develop photovoltaic projects awarded, while “more complex” solar thermal and biomass projects will have 4.5 years and the other technologies will have a four-year deadline.

Solar thermal projects should have six hours of storage and may be combined with biomass, bioliquids and photovoltaic capacity, as long as the latter was below 10% of the planned thermoelectric capacity, the ministry said.

Bids for solar thermal, biomass and other technologies exceeding the tranches may be eligible to cover potential shortfalls in any of the three categories, it added.

Under the current Socialist cabinet, Spain awarded 2,902 MW photovoltaic and 3,256 MW wind capacity in the tenders held in January and October 2021, with average prices of EUR 25/MWh in the first and EUR 30.56/MWh in the second.

Source: Montel Group

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