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Webinar: What is behind China’s CSP Records and Growth?

July 04, 2022

What is the current status of China’s CSP projects?

Here Fengli Du of China Solar Thermal Alliance reveals the data on China’s CSP projects to date and underway in this webinar, hosted by SolarPACES Secretariat Christoph Richter, and now available online here.

China has emerged as a key driver of the future of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) the “hot solar”. Its applications are threefold; for generating firm, dispatchable power to be complementary to intermittent wind and solar PV; to generate 100% solar fuels such as hydrogen and jet fuel at temperatures of up to 1500 C; and to generate solar heat for industrial processes in foods, cement, metals and chemicals.

What is behind China’s CSP success?

1. Consistent government support advancing CSP development and cost reduction
2. Original CSP research funded at 11 major Chinese universities
3. A local CSP supply chain now comprises over 500 local Chinese companies

This webinar includes industry Q&A at the end.

CSP Research in China

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