Workshop: Thermal Storage for Solar Thermal Concentrating Plants

Place: IMDEA Energy Institute

Parque Tecnológico de Móstoles

Avda. Ramón de la Sagra 3

28935 Móstoles, Madrid

Date: September 14th 2016 

Description: One of the main advantages of solar thermal power plants (STE) against other renewable technologies is that they currently have commercial storage systems with large capacities. Nevertheless there is still a long way to walk, not only to reduce the specific cost of the current storage systems but also to provide appropriate technological options for such a systems to be coupled in promising solar concentrating technologies, like Direct steam generation (DSG) is. The workshop will cover different approaches for either reducing the cost of current commercial systems or presenting innovative proposals. The workshop is organized by Ciemat and IMDEA Energy Institute, under the collaboration umbrella of STAGE-STE European project and ALCCONES Project, funded by the regional programme of the Community of Madrid. 

Language: English 

Registration: Application form at

Fee: 70 € + IVA (Early bird fee: 50 € + IVA, deadline for early bird fee: 5th September)

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