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World’s First Utility-Scale Molten Salt Fresnel CSP Plant Connects to China’s Grid

June 30, 2020

First in the world, the 50MW molten salt Fresnel CSP plant begins commercial operation IMAGE@CSPFocus

The China Dunhuang Dacheng 50MW molten salt linear Fresnel CSP project plant has now officially begun commercial operation on June 19, 2020. To celebrate the occasion of commercial operation of the first ever molten salt Fresnel CSP occasion, the developers and contractors held a commissioning ceremony.

Pioneers molten salt for Fresnel CSP

This project is the first linear Fresnel solar thermal power generation project in the world that uses molten salt as the heat transfer fluid and thermal storage medium. There is no experience to follow.

The China Solar Thermal Alliance was told that, at present, the solar collector field, which is provided by Lanzhou Dacheng, reaches an output temperature above 535℃ under different DNI conditions at the site, and the temperature difference deviation of the molten salt of each solar collector loop can be controlled to within 5%.

The project is one of the national CSP demonstration projects, and originally connected to the grid for power generation on December 31, 2019, and was put into normal operation mode of full-field collector power generation in June 18, 2020.

Despite the disruption of the global COVID-19 pandemic, and beginning after the Chinese Spring Festival in February, Zhongnan Engineering Corporation Limited of PowerChina, as the EPC contractor, under the organization and coordination of the owner, actively worked with the participating contractors, including Lanzhou Dacheng Technology Co., Ltd (Dacheng), PowerChina Sepco 1 Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd to do the commissioning.

It only took 18 days from the hot molten salt flows into the field to power generation, which proved the technical ability of molten salt linear fresnel CSP project.

Source: China National Solar Thermal Alliance

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