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Another 400 MW of Chinese CSP Starts in Xinjiang Province

July 25, 2022

[ED: All four projects follow China’s renewables scale-up plan of 1 GW renewables projects, where 100 MW of Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) is co-located with 900 MW of Photovoltaic (PV) in order to provide thermal energy storage, to extend the hours of solar generation past nightfall and to stabilize the grid in tandem as wind and PV generation increases in China. Together with Xinhua Power‘s 100 MW of CSP in the Bortala project reported already this brings the total of CSP starting in Xinjiang province to 500 MW.]

Fukang Luneng 100 MW CSP + 900 MW PV started on July 8

A groundbreaking ceremony for the Fukang Luneng 1GW Project was held in Fukang City, Xinjiang.

Fukang Luneng 1GW Project is the leading project of Fukang City 100 GW PV Industrial Park, with total investment of about 6 billion RMB, consisting of 900 MW PV and 100 MW CSP. The 900 MW PV project is scheduled to be put into operation by the end of March 2023.

100 MW CSP with 8 hours of heat storage is scheduled to be put into operation by September 20, 2024. After completion, the project is expected to provide 1.675 billion kWh of clean energy per year, saving 510,000 tons of standard coal, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 1.31 million tons, reducing sulfur dioxide emissions by 467 tons, and can be used for power grid peaking 135 times.

Ruoqiang 100 MW CSP + 900 MW PV started on July 9

PowerChina and Xinjiang Ruida New Energy 100 MW CSP + 900 MW PV project groundbreaking ceremony was held at 22 kilometers south of Yitumbulak town in Ruoqiang County.

The project is located 18 km north of Yitumbulak town in Ruoqiang County, Bazhou, Xinjiang, 170 km southeast of Ruoqiang County. The project will be completed and transmitted to the 220 kV substation through 220 kV convergence station.

Turpan City, Tuokexun County, 100 MW CSP +900 MW PV started in July

PowerChina SOCOL Corporation as the general contractor, has started construction on its 100 MW CSP (energy storage) + 900 MW PV project in Tuokexun County, Tulufan City, of which
The project is located in Tuokexun County, Tulufan City, Xinjiang, 6 km south of provincial road S301 and north of Wusitonggou Reservoir, with a total project site area of 249.8 hectares.

SDIC Ruoqiang 100 MW CSP + 900 MW PV asked for initial bids

Also in July, SDIC Xinjiang New Energy Co. Ltd. issued the bidding announcement on land prequalification and site selection opinion technical services, survey and boundary definition technical services, and access system design technical services etc, for its 100MW CSP + 900 MW PV project in Ruoqiang County, Bazhou, Xinjiang.

The project would be located in the territory of Tiemulike Town, Ruoqiang County, Bazhou, Xinjiang. It is 205km northwest from Ruoqiang County, 62km northeast from Manyaba in Qinghai.
The project plans to build an installed capacity of 1GW, including 100 MW of CSP, using molten salt tower CSP technologies, and AC 900 MW (DC 994.7 MWp) of PV, using 540Wp high-efficiency monocrystalline double-sided solar modules. The land area for PV is 2995.9 hectares, and 1896.6 hectares for CSP, the land nature of the proposed site is state-owned unused wasteland.

Source: CSPFocus

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