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Cosin wins bid for new 200 MW Chinese CSP storage/solar field

September 12, 2023
Cosin solar field of heliostats

Cosin wins 200 MW CSP bid for solar field of heliostats and molten salt thermal storage system

Press Release: Cosin wins 200 MW bid for solar field and MSR system

On September 7, we received the “Notification of Award” from CGN China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd., confirming that Cosin Solar has won the contract for Solar Field and MSR Systems equipment supply for the CGN New Energy Delingha 200MW CSP (the “Project”) .

The Project is part of the phase I (including 800MW PV and 200MW CT CSP with 6-hour molten salt storage) of the CGN New Energy Delingha 2GW CSP + PV Hybrid Project. Located in Delingha City, Qinghai Province, the Project has been selected as one of the second batch of Qinghai’s large-scale solar and wind hybrid projects.

The winning means that China’s largest single unit CSP project will adopt molten salt tower CSP technology fully developed by Cosin Solar. According to the division of responsibility, Cosin Solar will mainly be responsible for the engineering, equipment supply, system integrations, related commissioning and operation guidance services of the solar field and MSR system.

The winning further enhances the dominant position of Cosin Solar in the CSP industry. Meanwhile, Cosin Solar will continue to make efforts, relying on its rich engineering, construction and O&M experience accumulated in a number of CSP projects, to create model CSP thermal storage projects for all the clients, furthermore, contributing to green energy development and carbon reduction targets!


Currently, Cosin is also constructing the 100 MW Jinta Zhonguang CSP project. (details at NREL) Previous projects by Cosin (then named Supcon) were the Phase I test and Phase II Pilots at 10 MW and then 50 MW. These were among the tower CSP projects completed within the very short deadlines set. The Jinta Zhongguang project was originally one of three Three Gorges Renewables’ demonstration projects in 2016. However, Three Gorges failed to start this one in time, and Cosin took it over and was given more time to complete it. SolarPACES has interviewed Cosin to learn the background to their early success.

How China’s Cosin Solar Solved Some Tower CSP Challenges

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