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Do you want to be part of the Thermal Storage Working Group of SolarPACES?

February 19, 2024

In the last Task III meeting in Sydney, four topics were identified to have enough interest within the audience to launch a specific activity under the SolarPACES task III umbrella. If your country is a SolarPACES country and you are willing to participate, please, join us


Proposed dates

Zoom link

Meeting ID & Access Code

Components for Molten Salt Loops

Tuesday 27th February


981 2893 9273

Carnot Batteries

Tuesday 5 th March


931 5197 1967


Structural materials and Coating in TES

Wednesday 13th March


921 4800 7094


Thermal Energy Storage Tanks

Thursday 14th March


976 4574 1459


The time of the telcos is 15:30 at Spain, Madrid (UTC+1), will last no more than 1 hour, with the following agenda:

1.Definition of objectives
2. Specific activities
3. Election of leader
4. Draft schedule (short to medium term)

Please, take some time in advance to think what your interests are, and what you can contribute to the topic you choose

Looking forward to virtually meeting you:
Esther Rojas,

Thermal Energy Storage Working Group
SolarPACES Task III Solar Technology and Advanced Applications

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