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CSP research opportunities

Reflectance Measurement Guidelines

A group of experts in the field of optical mirror reflectance characterization has been working together as members of Task III to create a document of an official SolarPACES reflectance measurement guideline. Title of guidelines “PARAMETERS AND METHOD TO EVALUATE THE...

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SolarPACES Guideline for Bankable STE Yield Assessment

(PDF) SolarPACES Guideline for Bankable STE Yield Assessment Version 2017 (XLS) SolarPACES Guideline for Bankable STE Yield Assessment Checklist (PDF) SolarPACES Guideline for Bankable STE Yield Assessment, Appendix T, Terminology, Version 2017 Solar thermal energy...

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SolarPACES Tasks

Tasks Annexes of the IEA SolarPACES Technology Collaborative Programme SolarPACES is an IEA Technology Collaborative Programme. As such, it has a structure similar to the more than 60 programs currently operating through the IEA. Each of them reflect the need to...

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NOOR I Tower CSP project, Ourazazate, Morocco ©Xinhua News Agency/SEPCO IIINational Solar Test Facility, New Mexico/USA. Credit:Sandia National Laboratories ©US DOEMiraah, solar steam production at Amal oil field, Muscat/Oman ©GlassPointACWA Power thermal energy...

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Thermal Energy Storage Working Group

General Coordination: Esther Rojas, CIEMAT, Spain If you are willing to participate in any of the following Activity Lines, do not hesitate to get in contact with the corresponding coordinator of the activity or with Esther Rojas (general coordinator) Objective...

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TASK II: Solar Chemistry Research

Operating Agent: Dr Woei Saw, The University of Adelaide, woei.saw@adelaide.edu.au Nature of the work & Objectives Task II addresses the demonstration, scale-up, and market penetration of solar-driven thermochemical processes for the production of fuels (e.g....

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Join SolarPACES – Membership Information

For countries or institutions interested in a membership in SolarPACES, the attached documents from the  International Energy Agency  (IEA) can provide you with all the background information. Review the steps to join the  SolarPACES international research ...

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