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Work in Concentrated Solar Research and Development

February 12, 2024

February 2024

(All offers in first week)


The offered position will be mainly concerned with the management of the Central Hub but also is expected to give managerial & technical support in the growing number of R&D projects where EU-SOLARIS ERIC is participating, mainly at European level.

-Master’s degree in a STEM discipline, economy or business administration.
-Working experience of at least one year in the management of engineering or scientific projects.
-This is a position to work in an international environment, so you must demonstrate a very good command of English. We request a Cambridge’s B2 or equivalent level. Also, as the post is located in Spain, fluency in Spanish is very desirable.
-You have to be a national of either an EU country or a country associated to the Horizon Europe Programme.

Full Details and Application: Profile project manager junior 2024

Simulation and Design of Solar-Powered Thermochemical Reactors

Postdoc Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Physics or similar (f/m/x)
Starting date
1 March 2024
Duration of contract
2 years
up to German TVöD 13
Type of employment
Full-time (part-time possible)
Full Details and Application:

Apply for an IEDO Fellowship and Help the U.S. Cut Industrial Emissions

Aspiring fellows can apply to join the second cohort by applying before July 15, 2024). Read more…


Recycling potential of production units for solar fuels

PhD process engineering, chemical engineering, environmental engineering or similar (f/m/x)

Starting date
Duration of contract
3 years
up to German TVöD 13
Type of employment

Would you like to contribute to a sustainable future by advancing solar-based fuel production? Then you are exactly right with us!
The vision of the DLR Institute for Future Fuels is to develop technological solutions that enable the cost-effective production of fuels, hydrogen, or even commodities in the sunbelt of the earth on an industrial scale. At the institute, we use our unique infrastructure in which concentrated solar energy covers the heat demand of high-temperature processes.
For production to be as sustainable as possible, the recyclability of the components of a production plant, e.g. a concentrating solar thermal power plant, must be considered from the very beginning. The use of recycled materials and the recovery of parts and components after their use phase are critical aspects towards a circular economy. Within your work you will evaluate the recycling potential of solar plants for the production of future fuels. In addition, you will assess the use of critical raw materials and the potential reduction of greenhouse gas emissions due to the implementation of of recycling routes.
Read more about this…
Apply Online Here


US Department of Energy

At the Loan Program Office (LPO), we are looking to hire employees from all backgrounds across America for a variety of positions. LPO is looking for individuals with a range of skills and interest in business development, financial, technical, legal, risk, and environmental fields to help borrowers move through pre-application consultations and the application process, and through the due diligence and underwriting process. Examples of the skill sets needed include:

Physical Scientist (Series 1301)
Engineer (Series 0801)…

Full Details and Application at the US Department of Energy Loan Program Office (LPO)


Head of the fluid systems group

Engineer in mechanical engineering, energy technology, aerospace or similar (f/m/d)
We are seeking a dynamic leader for our Fluid Systems group, focusing on the development of solar components and systems utilising molten salt or other fluids as high-temperature heat transfer and storage mediums. This role is ideal for candidates with a background in mechanical engineering, energy technology, aerospace, or related fields, offering a chance to contribute to sustainable and efficient energy solutions.

The position involves leading research and development activities, collaborating with national and international partners, and managing a team dedicated to advancing solar thermal power plants and industrial process heat provision.

If you’re passionate about making a difference in the field of renewable energy and have the required expertise, DLR provides a unique working environment with extensive infrastructure and opportunities for professional growth.

April 1, 2024
Length of time
Initially limited to 3 years
Up to pay group 14 TVöD
Level of employment
Full-time (part-time possible)

For more details on this exciting opportunity, starting in April 2024 and based in Stuttgart or Cologne, please visit the full job posting!

Technical contact person
Dr. Jana Stengler
Institute for Solar Research
Tel.: +49 711 6862-8238

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