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SolarPACES Conference

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30th SolarPACES Conference, October 8 - October 11, 2024, Rome, Italy   29th SolarPACES Conference, October 10 - October 13, 2023, Sydney, Australia   28th SolarPACES Conference, September 27 - September 30, 2022, Albuquerque, USA   ONLINE 27th...

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NOOR I Tower CSP project, Ourazazate, Morocco ©Xinhua News Agency/SEPCO IIINational Solar Test Facility, New Mexico/USA. Credit:Sandia National Laboratories ©US DOEMiraah, solar steam production at Amal oil field, Muscat/Oman ©GlassPointACWA Power thermal energy...

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Join SolarPACES – Membership Information

For countries or institutions interested in a membership in SolarPACES, the attached documents from the  International Energy Agency  (IEA) can provide you with all the background information. Review the steps to join the  SolarPACES international research ...

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