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Fonts Test for Divi

This is H1 that is only used by your design for titles, I don't use it to write This is H2 that I sometimes put above the image for the post if it needs a seo boost This is H3 that I use on captions to differentiate them from text text (and when I have a caption box...

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CSP Research by Member Nation

CSP research is carried out in the SolarPACES member nations View larger image Currently SolarPACES has 21 member nations: Algeria, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Chile, China, Egypt, European Commission (DG RESEARCH & INNOVATION and DG ENERGY), France, Germany,...

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CSP: Still small but learning fast

Abengoa Concentrating solar power had a difficult market start compared to other renewable technologies, leading to a total global capacity of only 5 GW today after more than a decade of deployment. A comprehensive global empirical study identifies distinct deployment...

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Published at AIP Conference Proceedings

The SolarPACES 2020 - International Conference on Concentrating Solar Power and Chemical Energy Systems: (Held online globally during Covid) The SolarPACES 2020 proceedings are published in the AIP conference proceedings Volume 2445:...

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For countries or institutions interested in a membership in SolarPACES the attached documents from IEA give background information. Further information can be obtained by email to the Executive Secretary of SolarPACES, secretariat@solarpaces.org  IA Framework (PDF -...

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SolarPACES Lifetime Achievement Award Template

Applicants for the SolarPACES Lifetime Achievement Award are now invited to submit their applications! Criteria: Acknowledged leadership in research or management in the field of CSP technology Long term commitment in this field Promotion of international cooperation...

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